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Double the joy

Open the Joy and General Services Foundation are in partnership to host our Double the Joy initiative. Be ready for this item match for the month of November!

Who is Open the Joy?

Open the Joy is a small business that creates emotional intelligence kits for children. The idea for this social enterprise sparked when Shalini Samtani, the Chief Joy Architect, needed something for her daughter. Her daughter was diagnosed with a rare condition keeping her in the hospital. Shalini wanted something that could bring fun through teaching. This past summer, they just celebrated their entrance into select Target stores!

How Does This Match Work?

General Services Foundation creates a personalized Target wishlist with Open the Joy products. For every item purchased by your supporters (whether for themselves or send it to your choice of nonprofit), we will send a second of the exact same purchased item to you. General Services Foundation creates marketing material for you to utilize throughout the month. This initiative runs until Giving Tuesday (November 30th), and Open the Joy will ship all items to you after the final day.

Sample Wishlist:

What Age Range are These Products For?

The suggested age range is for children 4-12. This is a complete suggestion as our team uses their products for group conversation starters!

What Can My Organization Use These Products For?

These prizes will arrive in time for the holidays! If you work with children or parents, provide these toys as holiday gifts! If you don't, you can use them as prizes to raffle, silent auction, or use however best supports your organization's mission.

How Does My Organization Get People to Purchase from our Wish List?

General Services Foundation is creating marketing material to make it easier for all of these amazing organizations! We regularly update your material throughout the month and are planning to host a marketing webinar guiding you through the marketing process. You will be the one marketing it!

Example of Promotional Material:

What Does My Organization Have to Do?

Market, market, market! All you have to do is keep promoting your wish list for the month of November! We will do the rest :)

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