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How to support the community during covid-19

By: Divya Palasamudram


Coronavirus has taken a hit on our lives, leaving us isolated in our homes. But is there something effective we can do with our increased amount of free time? Absolutely! Now is a great time to step up and help those who need it most. As unemployment rates shoot up, millions are struggling to sustain their families nationwide. According to CBS News, 70% of Americans say they are struggling financially. COVID-19 is affecting our own local communities as well. In North Carolina, unemployment has gone up 6,000% and the amount of people seeking financial help with rent and other utilities has more than doubled. As members of the community, it is time for us to step in and make a difference, no matter how big or small. 


Things You Can Do:

Let's look at a few things we can do to support others from our own homes!

  1. Start an online fundraiser/donate to one

    • Local charities need your help now more than ever, choose a charity you want to help and create a fundraiser for them.

    • Use a fundraiser website like GoFundMe or GoFundMe Charity, there are other websites you can choose from as well.

  2. Make hand-sewn face masks to donate to hospitals!

  3. Help a person who is blind or visually impaired

    • You can download the bemyeyes app to give assistance to blind and vision-impaired people through a live video call.

    • A blind or low vision person may need help with things like reading instructions, navigating new surroundings, distinguishing colors, and checking expiry dates.

    • Visit for more information!

  4. Write letters to elders and to troops​

    • ​Make someone's day by writing a handwritten letter to an elder. To do this visit

    • Make someone’s day by thanking and supporting the troops. To do this visit 

    • Remember that a simple gesture of kindness by you can have the power to bring happiness to so many!

  5. Volunteer Virtually

    • Find an opportunity to volunteer virtually on or

    • These websites show numerous virtual and on-site volunteering opportunities in the triangle!

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