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Executive board

sonali Ratnasinghe
Executive director


My name is Sonali Ratnasinghe and I am the Executive Director of General Services Foundation! I am from Apex, North Carolina with a passion for community service and entrepreneurship. In addition to my own fundraising, I love to grow community impact by empowering other leaders. I am a UNC Chapel Hill Student with a past on the Note in the Pocket Teen Board and an intern with social impact toy company, Open the Joy.



As Executive Director, I am responsible for ensuring the organization is on track to achieve its mission by developing plans of action, overseeing the organization, and creating sustainability. I oversee all fundraising and projects, keep track of financials, and engage with our supporters and nonprofits. I plan and assist in executing projects the larger-scale initiatives. I lead the organization by supporting its members and their needs and delegating tasks to Board members.

Shayna patel
development director


My name is Shayna Patel and I am the Development Director of General Services Foundation! I am from Apex, North Carolina. I love being part of this organization because of the opportunities to work with others who share a passion for service to do good in the community. In addition to my role here, I am the co-founder of Vivezza Piano, a piano-performing duo, and have been a communications intern with Book Harvest in the past.

Vrutika Soneji
Program director


My name is Vrutika Soneji and I am the Program Director of General Services Foundation! I am based in Apex, North Carolina. I learned to grow my passion for serving the community through General Services Foundation, from originally being a member to now being on the Board! Along with the work I do here, I am on the Teen Board at Note in the Pocket. I also work as the Marketing Coordinator at A Place at the Table, a nonprofit pay-what-you-can cafe in Raleigh, NC.


As Program Director, I oversee the internal workings of the two programs within General Services Foundation. I also contact, coordinate, and work with nonprofit partners to build connections and see how we can best support their mission. I work with our team to lead our various fundraisers and service projects, all while supporting any members with specific tasks they may need assistance with.


annika das
communications intern


My name is Annika Das, and I'm the events intern for General Services Foundation. I was initially born in Windsor, Canada, and moved to the RTP area around 2013. I've always had a great passion for helping those around me and wanting to be a part of something bigger than myself, and through this internship, I'm able to do that!

As the events intern for General Services Foundation, my job is to overlook the simpler things, such as viable parking options and potential food donors for events held by General Services Foundation.

krisha patel
Grant writing intern


My name is Krisha Patel, and I am the Content Developer of General Services Foundation! Creating my impact on the community and supporting others who want to initiate their own is one of my passions as a board member! Like many others, I was first introduced to my passion for serving my community through General Services Foundation as a member, and I now continue to do the same as the Content Developer. Not only that, but I am also a General Services Grants Writing Intern for the Young Nonprofit Fellowship.

As the Content Developer, I work, find, and write grants, awards, and nominations on behalf of the foundation. I also work with the members to create their blog posts and other pieces of writing they need assistance on or need to complete!

Hasini Pasagadugula
Social media and outreach intern


Hello! My name is Hasini Pasagadugula and I am the social media and outreach intern for General Services Foundation. I am from Cary, North Carolina and I joined General Services Foundation through the Young Non-Profit Fellowship during the summer of 2022. My passions lie in helping my community grow and aiding others in need. As an intern for General Services Foundation I create social media posts, write newsletters, and create marketing content to showcase our upcoming and currently occurring events. I am also in the Act and Advance Program that allows high schoolers to execute drives, fundraisers, and other projects that students are passionate about that help the community.