about us

Motto: By the community, for the community

Our Mission: We mobilize high schoolers by providing them with guidance and monetary support to execute fundraisers, drives, and events for nonprofits they are passionate about in their local and global communities. With this passion, we build partnerships with nonprofits to help them fulfill their needs and advance their mission. We foster a lifelong drive for service and help students develop skills they can take with them into the future.

Whom we Serve/How we Serve/Where we Serve: All of our projects seek to serve nonprofits and organizations that need our support. These projects can include drives and fundraisers, which are aimed to provide disaster relief, combat food insecurity, assist low-income families, and other causes.  We help future leaders turn their ideas into reality while serving the members of our local and global communities.  We do this by proactively facilitating and guiding members through the steps of their service projects. Namely, we assist with contacting representatives, organizing the event, tracking expenses, collecting data, and promotion and marketing.