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We mobilize high schoolers by providing them with guidance and monetary support to execute fundraisers, drives, and events for nonprofits they are passionate about in their local and global communities. With this passion, we build partnerships with nonprofits to help them fulfill their needs and advance their mission. We foster a lifelong drive for service and help students develop skills they can take with them into the future.

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Since September 2020, our organization has led 30 drives, 30 monetary fundraisers, and 7 events for nonprofits! For example, General Services Foundation has collected over 12,000 articles of clothing for Note in the Pocket, over 1,000 books for Book Harvest, and over 1,400 feminine hygiene items for Diaper Bank of NC. We raised over $20,000 in funds for the nonprofits we partner with including InterAct, Note in the Pocket, Carolina For The Kids, and more.

Completed Projects

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